Inspiration Boards: Oscar's Best Actress Nominees

10:44 PM

With the Oscars coming up this weekend, I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to the actresses that are nominated in the Best Actress category this year. I'm sorry to say that I have only actually watched one (Gone Girl) out of the five movies featured here. I'm hoping to eventually see the others, but with it being the middle of the semester at the moment, I just don't have the time right now.

All the female characters that are portrayed by these amazing actresses have sort of a signature look in their respective films, so I thought it would be nice to put together some boards inspired by those looks. 

Felicity Jones - The Theory of Everything

Felicity Jones

Rosamund Pike - Gone Girl

Rosamund Pike

Reese Witherspoon - Wild

Reese Witherspoon

Marion Cotillard - Two Days, One Night

Marion Cotillard

Julianne Moore - Still Alice

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore

Have you seen all the Oscar-nominated movies? I find myself more and more interested in seeing these films as I get older, whereas before I would only watch the Oscars for the pretty red carpet dresses and the funny hosts and would find the films to be quite heavy or too "drama"-centric. They were always the films that I aspired to watch, but would usually end up opting for a light rom-com instead. But times are a-changing folks! I might finally be growing up and out of the happily-ever-afters that I usually look for in movies. Exciting times.

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