"Opaque" Leggings: The See-Through Test

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Second time writing this post! I accidentally deleted everything the first time around...


One of my flatmates was asking me for advice earlier about which leggings are actually not see-through since she has to double up on her current ones in order for them to be completely opaque. As the CEO of Lululemon learned too late, in order to really test whether a pair of leggings are truly not see-through, one has to physically put them on and bend over to check whether their underwear shows through the material.

I know that leggings have been scorned in the fashion world in the past, but honestly I can't be bothered by that. They are often the easiest and most comfortable things to throw on under a chunky sweater or tunic-length shirt. And it seems that they may be making a comeback of sorts.

I thought it'd be useful to go through our own closets and test out some of the leggings we own and document which ones actually pass the see-through test and which ones don't. Here goes!

Leggings that DO Pass the Test

A bit on the pricier side, but well worth it in my opinion! I picked up a pair from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale last year and have not regretted it. Truly 'live in'-able. 

Aerie always has deals or sales going on, so definitely watch out for a deal on these leggings because they are a go-to for me.

Recommended by one of my roommates. I've seen her rock these before and they look really thick and sporty and most importantly--not see-through!

Victoria's Secret The Daily Legging ($19.50 orig. $24.50)
I wore these today with an oversized sweater and felt confident in my ability to bend over and tie my shoe without flashing any underwear. Always a good thing!
The material is a bit different, but these have the same weight as the Zella leggings, so they are a little bit thicker than most cotton leggings like the VS ones. But I like that, especially for the winter.

Leggings that DON'T Pass the Test

Uniqlo Leggings ($12.90)
These are the ones that my roommate doubled up on. Definitely not opaque enough to be worn on their own if you're trying to wear them as pants.

I don't think they're even trying to make these not see-through (?), since it's clearly see-through on the model from the website. For our purposes here, they don't pass the test.

H&M Leggings ($9.95)

Cheap and comfy, but definitely can't wear these if you're shirt doesn't cover your bum and crotch area!

Do you have any more recommendations or suggestions for leggings that do or don't pass the see-through test? Would love for you to share in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


All images via Pinterest

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