Valentine's Day Inspiration Boards: Allie & Noah

12:38 AM

Inspired by The Platform's latest Valentine's Day Special video, this post showcases two outfits from one of the most famous movie couples: The Notebook's Allie & Noah.

Cute Retro Shift Dress

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The Notebook-Red Shift Dress

Famous Blue Dress

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The Notebook blue dress

The Notebook-Blue Shirt Dress

Now for the hard part: where can we find our own personal Ryan Goslings? Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day whether you're cuddling up with your hot man or a hot cup of cocoa (it's set to be in the negative double digits here in Michigan...). Sending love and warmth to you all!

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  1. I'm totally smitten with the middle red dress:) Have a great day, xoxo

    1. Yes, I love that silhouette! Hope you have a great day too, Diana. :)