Social Media Takeover Exhibit A: #TeamingUpWithOREO

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I've been noticing the influx of #OreoThins #TeamingUpWithOREO Instagrams filling up my feed and thought it was an interesting demonstration of how companies are now investing in blogger-power to commercialize and advertise their products rather than the traditional TV/magazine/billboard ads that used to be the main venue to get these types of products out to the masses. (Mondelez International Inc.'s chief marketing officer Dana Anderson talks more about this shift here.) I didn't even know Oreo Thins existed before today, and now I feel an extreme urge to go out and buy some just to take pretty pictures of them (and also nom on them too, of course).

So it seems like what they're doing is working. At least on me.

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Are you sold on them yet? If not, no worries there's probably a whole 'nother slew of these pictures coming to Instagram soon to finish the job. The only thing I'm worried about with these new thin Oreos is: it still possible to separate the two cookies to lick off the filling? #bestwaytoeatOreos

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