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Serena van der Woodsen is the nice and down-to-earth 'It' girl in Gossip Girl. She is also Blair Waldorf's best friend. At the start of the show Serena returns after disappearing for a year, supposedly returning from boarding school for good. After Blair hears that her best friend is back in town she should be very pleased, however she takes this as an attempt to dethrone her role as Queen B, making Serena's return a very unpleasant one to say the least. This post features 4 of my favorite Serena outfits from Gossip Girl.

Outfit 1

Although this outfit was never featured in the show and was only used in the promotional ads, it was still one of Serena's best outfits. The basis for Serena's style is to look effortless and on-the-go, so in many of the scenes Serena is in the streets and on the move since she is typically late to most of her meetings.

Serena van der Woodsen 1

Outfit 2

In this scene, Serena is on her way back to the Waldorf home while calling Blair to tell her all the details about her new relationship with Nate. When Serena arrives at the Waldorf's she is pleasantly surprised to see that Nate has come home early. The neutral tones in the outfit paired with the unexpected plaid tights gives a nice element of surprise.

Serena van der woodsen 2

Outfit 3

This is one of Serena's more conservative outfits which she wore while in boarding school. Here, Serena was waiting to receive help from her teacher, Mr. Donovan. Ben Donovan was Serena's favorite teacher at boarding school because he was one of the few people who believed that Serena was putting in the effort to improve her grades. However, things took a turn when Serena's mother had Ben sent to jail by framing him and saying that he slept with an underaged student, which enabled Serena to return to Constance despite having poor grades.

Serena van der Woodsen 2b

Outfit 4

In this scene, Serena is trying to reach out to her cousin, Lola, and invite her to their family breakfast in celebration of her grandmother's life. This is my favorite outfit of Serena's, besides her gown for the Debutante Ball. The earthy-tones from this outfit is a perfect representation of Serena's boho style. However, the pop of color from the heels is my favorite part of the outfit. 

Serena van der woodsen 4

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Cover Photo Credits: Gossip Girl Promo Poster

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