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Blair Waldorf is the most iconic TV character in fashion since Carrie Bradshaw. Known as 'Queen B'at her private school Constance Billard, Blair is a junior who holds the power to ruin anyone who gets in the way of her reaching her goals. She always wears a headband as if it was her crown and is constantly followed around by her entourage of minions who help her scheme. Besides being an evil queen, Blair is without a doubt the most fashion-forward student at school and her mom being a fashion designer may have a bit of an influence with that. Blair is never seen wearing last-seasons items and is consistently adorned in fashion's latest necessities. For this post I've chosen 4 of my favorite Blair outfits from season 1 and 2.

Outfit 1

Blair's navy tie outfit

This outfit is the epitome of Blair Waldorf's style. Her typical school outfit consists of a lot of navy and white with red as a pop of color, usually seen on her headband. Blair's favorite item besides her headbands are her stockings. In this scene, Blair is enjoying a box of chocolates from her then boyfriend Nate Archibald.

Blair Waldorf 1

Outfit 2

Blair's red and navy outfit

You can't create a post about Blair Waldorf without including a picture of her sitting on The Met steps. Blair's rule is that no one sits on any steps above her because only the queen can be on the highest steps. This outfit is from the scene where Blair is at a power struggle with a freshman named Jenny Humphrey.

Blair Waldorf 4

Outfit 3

This is by far my favorite scene from season 2. Not only is Blair wearing an incredible outfit, but for all the Gossip Girl lovers I'm sure the line "3 words, 8 letters, say it and I'm yours." will mean something to you. AKA Chuck Bass finally told Blair that he loves her and he brought along a bouquet of peonies, Blair's favorite flowers, and all of her favorite items from Europe.

Blair Waldorf 2

Outfit 4

Blair's nautical inspired outfit 

This outfit is one of my favorites from Blair's closet. The structure and cut of the dress paired with the accessories makes this outfit perfection. Blair wore this in the last scene of season 1 after Chuck promised to go on an adventure with her during summer vacation.

Blair Waldorf 4

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Cover Photo Credits: Gossip Girl Promo Poster

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